The Story

From the moment Lee Ann began designing jewelry, she was approached to purchase her one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces.  As a wife, mother and part-time lawyer, Lee Ann was constantly on the go in her jewelry which led her to embrace the theory that a woman should always make a dramatic entrance and exit.   Lee Ann moved exclusively into fine jewelry design in 2017.  A little over a year later following the success of that line, she decided to focus one hundred percent on her jewelry design and retired from practicing law.  Lee Ann is committed to designing jewelry for real life - jewelry that is wearable, unique and tells each customer's story.  She works intimately with a select, small group of gem dealers and bench jewelers to see her designs come to fruition.  The line is thoughtfully designed so that all of the collections stand alone, can be mixed and worn together, or worn with other favorite pieces in your jewelry box.